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Best Quality Battle Rope

Summary: Battle ropes are popular for HIIT and cross-fit training. These heavy ropes are whipped in different ways, providing an intensive upper-body workout. The best Battle ropes are heavy duty, and vary from 9 meters through to 15 meters. You’ll need to anchor the end of your rope. Wall hoops are available, and stakes to put in the ground do a great job for outdoor training.

This page covers some basic battle rope exercises, plus the best-selling ropes that you can get delivered right to your door.

The best-selling independent ropes at are the mighty Gym Master Battle Ropes, you can get them in 3.8cm and 5cm widths, and in 3 different lengths. Check out the pics and heavy-duty design on this dedicated product page.

GYM MASTER Battle Rope For Strength Training Battling Workouts - 12M
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Battle Rope Exercises

The key exercises involve whipping with the rope. This can be done double handed, with both sides of the rope moving at the same time. You can alternate the two sides, or even just take one end of the battle rope and use two hands. Trainers recommend you start light, with a small number of reps. This is an intensive routine, and you’ll certainly feel the effects if you overdo it the first few times out.

Once you have mastered the basic whipping motions, you can go more advanced. Here spirals and sideways shakes add a new level of intensity to any HIIT routine.

The videos below are not associated with Fitness Review. As with other exercise focused pages here, I have compared YouTube videos. These are the clearest examples, which sum up the possibilities with Battle ropes quickly. If you already know your stuff, and want to check out the best-selling products – scroll down past the two videos here.

CriticalBench – Beginners Battle Ropes:

Adrian Bryant: 12 Battle Rope Exercises for Fast Weight Loss:

Best Selling Battle Ropes

#1 Gym Master Battle Rope: A nylon sleeve covers the entire rope with this higher-end model. You get a choice of 38mm or 50mm width. Again, the standard 9 / 12 / 15-meter sizes are available. This one comes with a bonus extra – a free battle rope anchor. This is a bracketed hoop which you can attach to your wall.

The 3-strand design, cover and 100% Dracon (heavier than polyester) design make this a serious contender for those seeking the best of the best.

While the price-point is a little higher than the basic ropes, this one certainly stands out. Check out the very positive buyer feedback for yourself on this dedicated product page.

Best Quality Battle Rope

#2 Amazon Basics Battle Ropes: his For a cheap and solid alternative, Amazon have produced their own battle ropes. While they are cheaper than the independent brands, I’m never sure if squeezing out the competition is the right thing to do. Anyway, that aside, these are 3.8mm ropes, with a choice of lengths (the usual 9 meters and up). They have excellent feedback from buyers, and being Amazon-produced, you should have zero problems sending them back if they are not right for you.

Buyer feedback mentioned the quality several times, commenting that this was a great value option.

Check out the pics and feedback for yourself on this dedicated product page.

Fixtures and Fittings: Anchoring Your Battle Rope

One of the best things about battle ropes is the ability to use them outdoors. In fact, the size of them mean this is optimal. To use them in your garden or a park, you’ll need to anchor the ends. DTX Fitness (who make a lot of different fitness accessories) has you covered. They produce a solid steel ground anchor. You hammer it into the ground (think large tent peg) and anchor your battle rope on the D shaped hook.

This is a useful item, and comes at a manageable price.

Check out this dedicated product page for the details.

Indoors, you’ll need something that you can attach to a wall or even the floor. This will need to be secure, you don’t want a screw coming loose while vigorously whipping those ropes! For a low price, MiraFit has you covered here. They have a solid steel anchor, which comes with 4 bolts suitable for both walls and floor. This is a perfect size for your ropes, and will stand the test of time.

Check out this page for more on the Gym Master Ground / Wall Anchor

I also recommend you get yourself a pair of gloves. This will not only help you to grip better, they will make sure your hand does not get blistered.

Wrapping Up: Adding the Benefits of a Battle Rope to Your HIIT Routine

Just 10 minutes with a battle rope, and you’ll know exactly why people are so enthusiastic about them. This form of exercise has been around since Roman times, but it is giving people all over the world an intensive HIIT workout today.

These are not expensive items (compared to fitness equipment of other kinds), though it can still pay to check out the different options. A quality version could literally last you for years. Once you feel the effects, you’ll be a regular user!

Check out the best-selling Gym Master Rope now, there are other options in the ‘also viewed’ section about 1 /3rd of the way down the page.

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