SlenderTone Womens Bottom Toner Review

Womens Bottom Toning Shorts

Summary: Coverts to SlenderTone’s famous EMS equipment will be pleased to know that there is now a product designed to tone up your bottom. This is a pair of special shorts containing electrodes, along with a controller. By firing small charges through your muscles, this toning belt will tighten and tone noticeably. Note that this is not a weight loss product, it tightens your muscles instead. There are a lot of previous buyers that are very happy with the effects – and used in combination with other exercise and a healthy diet this can really make a difference. Check out those comments, and the latest discount on the product page.

Slendertone Women's Bottom Toning Garment
For a firmer and more uplifted bottom in just 6 weeks
30 Minute session is as effective as 60 reversed leg lifts. Tone 5 times each week for 4-8 weeks or until you achieve the desired firmness. Use 2-3 times a week afterwards to maintain bottom tone and lift… more

Detailed Review of the SlenderTone Women’s Bottom Toning Shorts

This product looks like a pair of running shorts – with a complex padded behind. These are electrodes, which send a micro-current repeatedly through your 3 bottom muscles, causing them to rapidly contract and relax. The effect is noticeable after a week or so of use, with visible tightening in many cases.

You can buy size 6 through to 12, this does exclude bigger behinds, though with EMS the effectiveness is lost the more fat is between the electrodes and the muscles. The diplomatic way of putting it is that you need to burn that fat first, then use the SlenderTone bottom toner for a final boost to get things extra tight.

There is a rechargeable controller that comes with the shorts. This has 99 levels of intensity, which gives you plenty of flexibility. SlenderTone claim that 30 minutes with this toner are the equivalent of 60 backward leg lifts. That is not bad for a piece of fitness equipment that you can use while lying down. Full instructions are provided.

What Buyers Said About the SlenderTone Bottom Toner

While there is a ton of 5-star and often very enthusiastic feedback about this bum toning kit, I found the negative reviews the most interesting. By working out who it did not work for, it becomes clearer who benefits the most.

Some comments mentioned the size, with the largest bottoms unable to fit. There were also one or two bad reviews which mentioned that it might work with repeated use… This is important, no toning belt is a miracle cure, you need to keep at it (and preferably combine with exercise and diet changes too).

For a product like this to have an average over 4 stars tells a story of its own. If it really did nothing (or very little), there is no way it would have so many happy users. One commenter even mentioned that it works with the love handles too!


This is a popular machine, and according to a lot of buyers, it does work too! With 99 intensity levels, there is plenty of scope to vary your ‘workout’, and with the right combination of diet and exercise, you could have a toned bottom within weeks.

Check out the pictures and the feedback from previous buyers for yourself now on the dedicated product page.

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