Wringer Forearm Exerciser Review

Wringer Forearm Exerciser

Summary: The Wringer forearm exerciser strengthens your forearms, wrists and helps with grip – all areas which are difficult to work at the gym. This is an ingenious device, based around a giant spring with two sturdy hand grips. It is small, only 12 inches long, and can be used anywhere. This is a popular item, with plenty of positive feedback from regular users. Some report that it is ideal for that extra workout while watching the TV.

You can see the spec, gallery and chart with the muscles that the Wringer strengthens on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

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Detailed Review of the Wringer Forearm Strength Machine

You’ll receive a small device, this is 12 inches (30 centimetres) long, and 2.5 inches wide. It weights in at just under 2 kilograms. Packed in this lightweight machine is a lot of power. The build involves a big spring in the middle, with two hefty padded grips on either end.

It is built from quality materials and designed to last. PVC, aluminium and rubber are used for the main components.

Benefits of Using the Wringer

To use the Wringer, you will need to twist the handles in opposite directions. The main benefits will be to your flexor and extensor muscles. These are the two main muscles in the forearm – one on top and the other underneath.

These are not the only muscles which will benefit. There are benefits for your biceps, triceps and brachioradialis muscles too. On top of this your grip strength will improve (the hypothenar muscles will certainly feel some benefits).

This device is perfect for short and regular sessions. More than 20 minutes is too long for most people. It is small enough to store in your desk, or to use while watching TV. A great use of otherwise dead time (fitness-wise) to give your forearms and wrists a solid workout.

With a compact motion, you will not need much room – or to disturb anyone else while using the Wringer.

No batteries or oils are needed, this device is high-quality and is built to last.

Wringer Page Forearm Muscles

What Previous Buyers Said About the Winger Forearm Exerciser?

There is plenty enough feedback left by buyers of the Winger to get a balanced impression. Overall, the feedback has been excellent, with the majority of users giving the full 5-star rating.

Other than a couple of concerns about slipping grips (these are very much in the minority), most buyers were impressed by the build quality. The fact that the Winger is built to last came up several times in different comments.

As for the effects, this is the most positive feedback of all. We all know that flexor and extensor muscles can be hard to thoroughly work. People what bought the Winger were positive on the results it gave them.

Do check out the comments over at amazon for yourself. New feedback is coming in regularly. With so many different people giving reviews, this will allow you to get an accurate general overview of whether the Winger is right for you.

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Wrap Up: Will the Wringer Forearm Exerciser Improve Your Grip and Forearm Strength?

There is little doubt that this is a quality product. It fills a gap in many people’s workout by focusing on the forearms and grip. Using it is easy, with a simple twisting / gripping motion having an outsized effect.

Wringer exercisers have proven popular. Many buyers have left positive feedback (on the build, and the results!).

For an easy to use and small piece of equipment, the Winger ticks all the right boxes.

Check out the gallery, and the latest feedback, over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

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