Body Sculpture Official Ab Trimmer/Roller with Headrest Review

Body Sculpture Ab Trimmer

Summary: For a no frills ab roller at a decent price, the Official Body Sculpture Ab Trimmer is ideal for users of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. Designed for use in the home with added comfort, this will work those abdominals perfectly. At the time of writing this one has a big discount at – check this dedicated product page for the latest offer!

Body Sculpture BB6000 Ab Trimmer
Firms and flattens stomach
Padded headrest to reduce stress on neck
Arm rest for a more comfortable workout…. more

Detailed Review of the Body Sculpture Official Ab Trimmer/Roller With Headrest

The Body Sculpture Ab Trimmer/Roller is ideal for those who want to perform crunches in exactly the right way, ensuring protection for both your back and neck.  This very low cost piece of gym equipment has a padded headrest and an arm rest to ensure a comfortable workout. Using the trainer, you’ll work those abs with more intensity, ensuring both a firm and flatter stomach after continued use.

The Ab Trimmer/Roller is particularly easy to assemble and robust. Both the hand rests and the pivot areas are covered in dark foam rubber, ensuring both comfort and that the roller will not slip on whichever surface you are using the equipment on. The item is designed for both male and female use and will benefit people at all levels of fitness. Delivered with the roller is a manual which shows how to use the item for the maximum benefit.

With the added amazon discount (at the time of writing) this item certainly falls into the low budget range and in comparison to similar items you’ll find this very reasonable. It is a little more basic than other rollers, where you might find added extras such an integrated mat and this equipment can’t be folded away either. However this won’t take away from the workout aspect of the equipment at all, except perhaps that you might want to invest in a mat yourself for added comfort.

Ab Trimmer from Body Sculpture: Feedback from Buyers Positive

Reviews of the abs roller were almost unanimously positive. It is said that it is sturdy enough for people of all shapes and sizes, while another stated that the results of use were ‘out of this world’. One user did state that it was a little too big, but still maintained that it was worth the price.

The Body Sculpture Official Ab Trimmer/Roller With Headrest isn’t the most spectacular piece of gym of gym equipment you’ll ever come across, but it doesn’t need to be. At a great price, you’ll work those abs effectively and see the results quickly. Check it out today at!

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