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Best High End Treadmill Branx Fitness Elite Runner Pro Treadmill Revew

Summary: I don’t need to mince words with the Branx Fitness Elite Runner Pro treadmill. This is a commercial quality treadmill without a doubt. It has a huge discount from the RRP (at the time of writing this, things can change!). This means you will get a running machine which would fit perfectly in a commercial gym for the price of a regular mid-range treadmill. It also folds up between uses.

It has a large running area, 10-point shock absorption, and a warranty which puts most big league fitness equipment makers to shame.

See the full spec and latest pricing now – on this dedicated product page.

Branx Fitness Foldable 'Elite Runner Pro' Soft Drop System Treadmill - 6.5HP Motor 0-22 Level Auto Incline - 'Dual Shock 10-Point Absorption System
Foldable treadmill with cushioned ‘Dual Shock 10-Point Absorption System’. Quality assurance & zero defect production rates. Branx Fitness excels in product quality & reliability… more

Detailed Review of the Branx Fitness Elite Runner Pro Home Treadmill

One thing to note is that this model comes 95% pre-assembled. No fighting with putting the parts together via complex diagrams is needed. The comments from previous buyers verify this, with several people noting that assembly was easy.

You’ll get a solid, almost chunky machine, with a big console and safety handles. This is a big treadmill. The dimensions are 190cms long, by 80cms wide and 132cms tall. This makes room for a larger running area, which measures 140cm by 52cms. Compare that to budget treadmills – where you can feel like you are running on a tightrope at times!

The Branx Elite Runner pro works for all fitness levels. It is not often you see a home treadmill with a 21km / hour top speed. There is a plasma cooling fan too.

Shock Absorption and Auto-Incline

What really separates the Elite Runner Pro from the home-treadmill competition is the soft running surface. The belt is a full 2mm thick, and there is a special 10-point cushioning system for extra comfort. This will prevent jarring, which can affect the joints.

There is also an automatic incline feature. Incline is what separates the mid-level (and up) treadmills from the budget ones. This makes a big difference to the intensity of your run – bigger than you’d think when you first try it. This Branx Fitness model has auto-incline. That means you won’t need to stop to adjust it. This also means you can have different incline levels while you go through a program.

Electronics: A Commercial Quality Treadmill Console

A safety key comes as standard, and the console is wide and detailed. The display shows a speed-o-meter and can track your progress visually. This is an LCD touch-screen console, not the black and white digital watch style displays of budget models.

There are 12 pre-set programmes, each one gives a graphic view of what to expect. Some are pyramid shaped. The most intensive involve interval training which mimics running up and down hills.

What I like about this model is that one button press is enough to change speed or incline. This works well for those who operate manually, rather than use a pre-set course.

There are speakers built into this treadmill.

On top of all this, you get an all-parts 2-year warranty, which goes up to 5 years for the motor.

What Previous Buyers Said About the Branx Fitness Elite Runner Pro

High End Best Folding TreadmillsIt is rare to find universally positive feedback at amazon. There is usually someone disgruntled about something. The Elite Runner Pro is an exception (check for yourself, it is never too late for a grumpy review!).

What stands out for me is that the service from Branx gets almost as many positive mentions as the machine itself. Some people even name the helpful agents. Having this 95% assembled appears to have been a hit with buyers too.

Most people mentioned that this treadmill is quiet, though there was one exception to this, who thought it was noisy.

Overall, previous buyers were happy – many feeling they had a bargain, a commercial treadmill at decidedly mid-range prices.

Wrap Up: Is the Branx Fitness Elite Pro Treadmill Right for You?

At full retail price, this would be a good buy. Though you’d be tempted by rivals like Nordic Track. With the discount (at the time of writing!) this Branx model is an absolute steal.

It ticks all the boxes as far as spec goes. Automatic incline, cushioned running area that is much bigger than most home treadmills – and an excellent console. Add to that the fact that it comes 95% assembled – and you have a clear choice.

Check out the picture gallery, user feedback and the latest discount offers for yourself now!

Branx Elite Runner Pro Dedicated Product Page

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