JLL S300 Digital Treadmill Review

JLL S300 Treadmill Mid-Range

Summary: There are good reasons why the JLL S300 Digital Treadmill is a multi-year best seller from this popular UK brand. This is a solid, reliable mid-priced treadmill with a list of advanced features.

The S300 has a spec which puts many big-brand models to shame at a value price point. For me the 20 level automatic incline is the clincher, no stopping to change the angles. If you have ever used a manual incline machine then you will know exactly what I mean. Having this adds a new level to the programs available through the entertainment / phone compatible console. This is unsurprisingly a best-selling JLL model, and the feedback from owners is excellent.

Check out the impressive gallery and the latest pricing now – over on this dedicated S300 page at the official JLL Amazon store.

JLL S300 Digital Folding Treadmill, 2024 New Generation Digital Control 4.5HP Motor, 20 Incline Levels, 0.3km/h - 16km/h, 15 Professional Programs, 2-Year Parts & Labour, 5-Year Motor Cover
Excellent value model from this popular British brand. Low impact running with a 16-point cushion deck absorption system; Foldable with built-in wheels. Running area size is 123 cm in length and 41 cm wide; Maximum user weight is 120 kgs or 18.89 stone… more

Detailed Review of the JLL S300 Digital Treadmill

When you first use the S300 JLL treadmill you are in for a surprise. Starting from the upright position, the running surface automatically lowers on a hydraulic arm. This is called ‘soft drop technology’, a fancy way of saying it folds and unfolds by itself.

This is a mid sized treadmill. It is 158cm long, 70cm wide and 128cm tall to the top of the console. S300 models weigh a sturdy 57.5kg, with alloy steel construction. It is recommended by JLL for users under 120kgs, which is 18.8 stone. The 16km / hour top speed is plenty enough for all but the fittest or tallest runners. This is a vigorous running pace, and when you combine it with the incline, you’ll feel the burn along with the calories evaporating!

Design is a plus point for me. The big console slopes away at just the right angle, with the bulge at the front where the motor sits curved in the middle to prevent you accidentally stepping on it.

Incline is a brilliant treadmill feature. It is rare to find digital incline via the console with 20 levels on a treadmill in this mid to lower price range. The running surface moves up at the touch of a button while you run. No need to stop or to manually adjust any angles.

Console and Technology of the JLL S300 Treadmill

While you wont get a HD touch-screen at this price point, you do get a fully functional 5″ LCD display.

This displays all the vital running stats. You get time, speed, distance covered, heart rate (you need to hold the heart rate monitor for a minute for this) and those all-important calories burned. The S300 treadmill has 15 built in running programmes, and also lets you add three custom programmes, which it saves between runs.

Entertainment is an important factor (especially for longer runs). The JLL S300 has built in speakers, you can connect your iPhone, iPad or Android devices. There is even a USB port to keep those devices charged.

JLL S300 Treadmill Console

Safety and Comfort

The S300 Treadmill is fully compliant with safety standards in the UK and the EU.

They include ROHA, CE, UKCA and EN957. JLL note that children under 12 are strictly prohibited from using the S300, and under 18’s must be supervised.

You get a safety key. This red key and string attaches to your clothing. If you then fall off while running, it pops out at the treadmill end, stopping the motor. JLL also look after your joints. There is a 16 point cushioning system under the running belt. Low impact running is a must over the long term.

Finally for safety, the JLL warranty is excellent. Anyone familiar with this brand will already know that their after sales-service is excellent. On top of this you get a full 2 years parts and labour warranty, 5 year warranty on the motor and lifetime cover for the frame. Note that this warranty is applicable for home use of the S300 Treadmill only.

JLLS350 Digital

Feedback from Current Owners of the JLL S300 Treadmill

The only negatives I could find in the reviews come from a couple of buyers who experienced disconnected wires – disabling the controls from the console. This will be covered under the 2 year guarantee – though obviously was an issue for these individual users.

Otherwise, feedback is about as good as you will find for any piece of mid-priced home fitness equipment. Comments included terms like ‘commercial quality’ and the word ‘value’ came up several times. It was also flagged as easy to put together by more than one user. Of course, the JLL customer services gets praise (check all of their products, and this comes up somewhere!).

JLL are Birmingham based, and look after their customers brilliantly – that said, it is always worth checking the latest feedback / comments before you buy, as you never know when issues can arise.

Summary: Is the JLL S300 Treadmill Right for You?

The JLL S300 treadmill certainly has an amazing spec for the lower to mid-range price.

Not only do you get computer controlled automatic incline and a programmable interface – there is entertainment capability built in as well. This is the most popular (and lowest priced) treadmill in the JLL range. It is perfect for home runners that want to stay fit and burn calories – and versatile enough for runners of different sizes. While you won’ find snazzy HD touch-screens at this price point – you do get a robust treadmill with incline, cushioning and all the key stats on the LCD console.

Check out this dedicated product page over at now for the impressive close-up picture gallery and latest pricing.


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