Branx Fitness Energy Pro Treadmill Review

Branx Fitness Energy Pro Treadmill Review

Mark’s Summary: The Energy Pro Compact Treadmill from Branx Fitness is a solid and innovative treadmill – without the price tag of rival brands.

It has an impressive top speed of 16.5km/h. Add the auto-incline function to this – with 16 levels to pick from. The impressive control panel displays all the metrics you need, with an easy one touch control system. I love the clean angles of the design with splashes of orange. Compare the spec with the likes of Nordic Track and you will quickly see that the Energy Pro is a serious bargain.

Check out the impressive full picture gallery (including the view where it is folded up) of the Branx Fitness Energy Pro Treadmill here.

Detailed Review of the Branx Fitness Energy Pro Treadmill

The Energy Pro Treadmill is a solid and stylish piece of home gym equipment made of Carbon Steel. This is a compact design. It has a width of 68cm, length of 153cm and total height of 125cm. The innovative soft drop system powered by the German made hydraulic strut allows the deck to lower when using it. You then save space by raising the lower deck after your workout.

This equipment is perfect for anyone up to the weight of 125 kilograms, which is the equivalent of around 19 and a half stone. The product has a total weight of 34 kilograms. Branx Fitness provide a full 2-year parts and labour warranty and a 5-year warranty on the frame and motor. This is a solid brand, so you wont’ have the same worries with disappearing support you get with those strangely named Chinese knock-offs.

Fitness Options with the Energy Pro Treadmill

This Branx Fitness treadmill has a top speed of 16.5 km/h (10.2 mph). It is powered by a 3 HP motor. This rises to 5 HP at peak performance. The motor is fan cooled. There are a total of 16 incline levels. Raising the incline will work you harder, while also toning a different set of muscle groups. Hand pulse sensors will monitor your heartrate as you run or walk.

Console Branx Energy Pro

5” LCD Display

A large 5-inch LCD interface displays the important metrics including Speed, Distance, Time, Calories, Pulse, and Incline. The control panel around the display is large and clear and features a series of one touch buttons.

There are also speed and incline controls on the handlebars, which are ideal for making those changes without changing your form. The treadmill features 12 built-in programs ensuring users at all levels of fitness are catered for.

Bluetooth Functionality

A pair of high-quality speakers are built into the control panel. With Bluetooth functionality, you can connect your device to the treadmill and listen to music, a podcast, or an audiobook as you train.

Branx Energy Pro Treadmills: Space and Comfort

This treadmill has a spacious running area of 125 by 45cm. The running deck is made of a high-quality MDF and has a 2-ply treadmill running belt with a thickness of 1.7mm. This treadmill features a high impact absorption system with German made springs. This will protect your joints and knees, as the impact of your running is absorbed by the treadmill.

Energy Pro treadmills are powered by a corded electric cable and can be stored anywhere. The foldable nature of the machine means that the real estate needed is minimized. The soft drop system means that you won’t be straining your muscles in setting it up before you even start your workout.

Reviews of the Branx Fitness Energy Pro Treadmill

The reviews of the treadmill are positive, with an oversized percentage of users giving the equipment the full five stars (89% of those rating the equipment gave it the maximum rating at the time of writing).

Assembly of the equipment is said to be ‘quick and easy’, with one user suggesting it was up and running in just a few minutes. The machine is said to be ‘robust’ and ‘surprisingly quiet’. There were many comments praising the customer service team at Branx Fitness. This is noteworthy as these teams can usually be on the other end of the comments. The soft drop space saver system was commended in the following comment: ‘It also tucks away nicely in the corner of my conservatory and isn’t like some of the previous giant eyesores I have owned’

Is the Branx Fitness Energy Pro Treadmill Right for You?

This Branx Fitness treadmill is described as ‘The Perfect Entry Level Treadmill’. The machine is highly rated, solid, and stylish in black. With 12 programs, new users can work their way through the different settings and continually improve their fitness levels. The German made shock absorption system makes the treadmill easy on your joints, while the one touch control system makes your workouts straightforward and stress free.

I rate this as a solid option for someone that runs regularly – though does not want to spend the big money needed for a commercial treadmill.

Check out the gallery, technology, and latest pricing now over on the official Branx Fitness Energy Pro Page.


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