Fitness Mad Digital Speed Rope

Skipping Rope

Update: This product is no longer available… if you are after a skipping rope with a built in counter (plus an adjustable rope and calorie count) – then check out the Tantia CJ-688 Calorie Jump instead (link takes you to the product page)

Tanita CJ-688 Calorie Jump - T blue
Counts up to 9999 revolutions
Calorie Display: 1 – 4108 kcal
Jump Counter: 1 – 9999 jumps…. more


Summary: Lightweight skipping rope with on board counter and distinctive design – cheap and effective fitness kit from Fitness-Mad! See the product page over at for more.

Detailed Review of the Fitness Mad Digital Skipping Rope

You don’t have to spend much to acquire a healthy body, the Fitness-Mad Digital Speed Rope is affordable and packed with plenty of features that make your workout more exciting and effective. This jumping rope is suitable for kids, teenagers and adults alike thanks to the adjustable length rope. It is highly effective for cardio workouts and training your legs and thighs.

It is very light, 136g, which makes the workouts very easy but still maintaining its effectiveness. The rope rotates around a perpendicular swivel system, this lets you hold the handles easily without having to strain your wrists. The rope motion is also smooth thanks to the ball bearings within the handle that aids the smooth motion.

There’s more to this rope, however, because it has a computer onboard that keeps track of your exercises. It records your number of jumps, time spent, speed and calories burned. This helps you monitor your health details and guide you to attain the fitness you desire.

You should definitely get this rope if you have a wish to get fit in a natural way, by using this for 10 minutes you get the equivalent of jogging for 30 minutes. It is also great for trimming down when you need to reduce weight and a great home-gym equipment because of its efficiency in storage and carrying, making it great for the person on-the-go.

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