Skipping Rope Fast Speed Cable for Mastering Double Unders Review

Skipping Rope Double Unders

Summary: Skipping rope which uses wire cable instead of rope and has unique handles which twist 90 degrees – you’ll be mastering the double under in no time. Note: A generous discount on this one at the time of writing, check the product page for the latest deal now!

Skipping Rope to Master Double Unders and Cross Fitness Training - With Bonus Workout Ebook - Carry Case - Outdoor Cable Protector & Screw Kit
The Master of Muscle WOD Whipper Jump Rope has a fast spin 90 degree handle turn and a wire cable to ensure fast spinning to impress your box!… more

Detailed Review of the Fast Speed Cable Skipping Rope

Skipping ropes can provide a very intense workout, and none takes your workouts over the top like the Fast Speed Cable for Mastering Double Unders. This equipment is very well designed to ensure it spins very fast in the air to allow you to perform double unders. The exercises it offers are great for cardio workouts, helping you reduce weight and toning your body simultaneously. There is no restriction to who can use this gym, and that’s because it adapts to your workout rather than the other way round, so whether you’re just a beginner or a professional, you can use it.

It is made from a wire cable rope rather than PVC, which most skipping ropes are made of; it is therefore very fast and durable because it won’t break as easily as the latter. Also, you don’t have to worry about untangling it every time you pull it out of your bag, the wire cable beats both PVC and leather cables in that department. To aid in the speed of the rotation, the handle turns in a unique 90-degree angle, so you won’t have to twist your wrists as you’re skipping, this if a far more easier way of operation.

Everything about this rope make it extremely user-friendly, the overall length is 9ft but you can adjust this to fit your height easily. You also get a carry case included in the package so it will be even easier to carry it around. Then there’s the free eBook that will guide you through your workouts when you’re a beginner, and a lifetime warranty to prove the company has serious confidence in this product.

Get yours now and get healthier.

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