Homcom Hydraulic Rowing Machine Review

Homcom Hydraulic Rower Review

Summary: This might just be the cheapest rowing machine available. Homcom make a lot of different machines at budget price points. They have decent feedback for treadmills and vibration trainers – as well as this budget home rowing machine. You get a hydraulic action rower, with a simple LCD console that tracks your progress and a comfy seat. It will burn those calories, give you a cardio workout and tone a lot of muscle groups…. All without breaking the bank.

No water tanks, no app compatibility, and no frills – the Homcom rowing machine is simple and cheap.

You can see the picture gallery, which includes a lot of close-ups, and read the (surprisingly positive) feedback from buyers, over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

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Detailed Review of the Super Cheap Rowing Machines from HOMCOM

This is a compact unit. It is 130cms long, with a rail sliding range of 61cms. The smaller size makes it easy to move around. It is just 9.5kgs. This model does not fold, though it is compact enough to store away easily between uses.

The frame is metal, with plastic (PVC) additions. The one part that Homcom added a little luxury to is the seat. This is wider and softer than those you will find on many budget rowing machines. If you need that bit more padding after a few workouts, then you can always get a padded seat cover.

Homcom advise a max 100kgs weight for users. This would be around 15.5 stone.

Hydraulic Resistance

Resistance comes via a piston, which you can see in the picture gallery. You pull an arm towards you, with the hydraulics providing the resistance. Your feet are held securely as you move back on the rail for each stroke.

There are 12 levels of resistance to work through. You adjust them by turning a simple dial. While the top level is not the tough resistance you will get from a water or magnetic rowing machine, it is plenty enough to give you a good cardio workout.

Homcom: The Cheap Rowing Machine with an LCD Monitor

Simple Monitor on the Homcom rowerWhile Homcom call this a ‘multifunction display’, I prefer ‘super-basic monitor’. This sits at the top of the rowing arm, with the padded handles either side. You track the time spent rowing, stroke count, calories burned and total (cumulative) stroke count on this. It will scan between each readout, so you don’t need to press buttons for each.

Asking if a device like this is app or Polar tracker compatible would be filed under ‘silly questions’.

Feedback: What Did Buyers Say About the Homcom Budget Rowing Machines?

Compared to the price and the spec, the feedback for this machine is excellent. A wide range of people have left comments to say that these cheap and cheerful rowing machines got the job done. Some of them are older, some are less experienced with fitness – and all of them were able to get the workout they wanted at a budget price point.

Squeaks and the assembly instructions got a couple of gripes. Overall, the feedback was excellent when you consider how basic these machines are. This ties in with feedback for other Homcom fitness equipment.

As ever – make sure you check the latest comments / feedback before you buy any home fitness equipment.

Wrapping Up: Is the Homcom Budget Hydraulic Rower Right for You?

When you get started with rowing (or any cardio) then the price of some equipment can feel on the high side. This budget rowing machine from Homcom lets you get going without risking too much money. If you enjoy rowing, then you can upgrade later, and will have already got solid value from this basic machine.

Others might be attracted to the smaller footprint and lighter construction. You can pick this rower up and store it easily between uses.

The LCD monitor and resistance changing dial are basic tech. At the same time, this machine will get calories burnt, and give you an all-round cardio workout.

See the gallery and check the wide variety of people that left positive feedback, over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page now!

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