Jordan Fitness Olympic Squat Rack Review

Jordan Olympic Squat Rack

Summary: The Jordan Fitness Olympic Squat Rack comes from a UK company with more than 30 years in the industry. Jordan has a reputation for quality functional fitness equipment, providing education for users / gym owners and being easy to reach on the phone. This squat rack has an immediate visual ‘wow’. The question for this page is whether those great looks are matched by the quality, useability, and service?

Note that the weight plates are not included with this rack.

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Detailed Review of the Jordan Fitness Olympic Squat Rack

This is a compact station, though it is nothing like the tiny ‘no name’ racks you will find these days. The dimensions are 175cm x 117cm x 204cm. This is a solid, heavy rack, which is made from 2-inch tubular steel.

First impressions of the design show a really solid base. You will notice the gentle curve of the main poles, and the way this connects with the bars at the bottom look great. My thoughts are that a well-known smartphone maker (fruit-based!) would be proud to be associated with this design.

Works with a 7 Foot Olympic Bar

This squat rack from Jordan Fitness works with a 7-foot Olympic bar. Just to be clear, the weight plated pictured are not included. You will find some great value sets of Olympic plates at this page over at

The main bar has 6 positions. You also get 6 horns on the rear bar for storing your plates. Jordan state that the construction should last for decades – if you are going to invest in a squat rack, then I recommend going for one that will last.

Olympic Rack

Feedback: What Buyers of Jordan Fitness Strength Training Equipment Said?

Not much feedback on this Olympic squat rack – though the overall reviews in multiple places for Jordan fitness are hugely positive. The word that comes up over and over again is ‘quality’. This appears in different ways… ‘top-notch quality’ for example. The speed of delivery and easy to work with service team also came in for individual praise.

It was hard to find any grumbles (which is unusual in the world of fitness).

With a UK-based maker, you have protections which simply don’t exist with the ‘no name’ Chinese copies… add the positive feedback and solid service, and Jordan Fitness certainly tick all the right boxes with this Olympic squat rack.

Is the Olympic Squat Rack from Jordan Right for You?

Feedback Jordan Squat RackThis mid-sized Olympic rack is perfect for home gyms or small fitness rooms looking for a rack that will stand the test of time. It is a big ‘step up’ from those cheap and rattly copies flooding in from China these days. You get the peace of mind of using a long-running UK brand, who have a reputation for quality construction and great service.

While not ‘cheap’ compared to other Olympic squat racks, this really will last – making it an investment as much as an expense.

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