Klarfit VIBE DX4 Pro Vibration Plate Trainer Review

DX4 Pro VIBE Vibration Plate Trainer from Klarfit

Summary: The Klarfit VIBE 4DX Pro vibration plate trainer is a cut above those from knock-off brands. It comes from this big German fitness / leisure brand who have a long track record in quality and durability covering everything from treadmills to trampolines.

The size and triple-engine setup are the first things that will catch your eye. Klarfit VIBE vibration plate exercisers weigh over 20kg and have triple motor action which gives 7 distinct movement forms. Combined with the power you get a versatile plate – which has an LCD display, remote control, and resistance bands as standard.

I felt this was an amazing vibration plate trainer for the money.

Check out the close-up pictures and the latest pricing now – over on the VIBE 4DX Pro page at the official Klarfit amazon UK store.

Detailed Review of the Klarfit VIBE 4DX Pro Vibration Plate Trainer

This is a big, solid, and robust vibration plate.

The training area is 71.5cm wide and 43.5cm deep. It is curved upwards at the edges, giving you extra stability. At just over 20kgs, this vibration exerciser gives you a solid platform. Klarfit recommend it for users up to 120kgs (that is 18.89 stone in old money).

You need to plug your VIBE into the mains. They change the plug for the UK market – which does mean the packaging must be opened.

I liked the textured top. This provides that all-important extra grip when you turn up the intensity of the vibrations.

How the 4DX Triple Motor Technology Works

Three motors help the VIBE vibration trainer really stand out.

Two of these motors are the standard up / down and side to side options. The third adds an oscillating movement. When you combine these different movement modes, Klarfit trainers give you seven unique types of training. For math geeks out there, this does include single motor action as well as the combinations.

You then get 20 speeds (for the four main movement types). These range from gentle for beginners right up to intense for the more experienced users. If you have not used a vibration plate trainer before then please make sure you start slow. These machines give you an intense workout, and those muscles will be sore if you do too much too soon.

Klarfit Pro VIBE in use

Extras With the Klarfit Vibe Vibration Exerciser

There are multiple accessories and extras with this trainer.

You get a remote-control unit. This is a big boost. While you can control the vibrations via a panel next to the LCD display on the base unit – that does involve stopping your workout. With the remote, you get to hold your stance, and turn up (or down) depending on your needs.

You also get two fitness bands with foam handles. These add new possibilities to your workout – allowing you to combine arms and legs in one session. There is a user manual, and an eBook which shows the different types of exercises.

Feedback: What Did Buyers of These Klarfit Vibration Plates Say?

I had to hit Amazon Germany then use Google Translate to get feedback on this device – as there was only a single 2-word review in the UK.

Surprisingly (as the Germans have high standards), the feedback is excellent. While it is pointed out that this is far from a commercial vibration trainer, people who used it at home were happy. The main negative I could find appeared angrily confused about when to use each of the different programmes – rather than having any issues with the quality of the unit.

Several comments referenced their surprise at the quietness of the motors in relation to the power.

Hopefully by the time you read this, there will be more in the way of feedback from UK buyers.

Wrapping Up: How Does this Klarfit VIBE 4DX Vibration Plate Compare?

This is a big vibration plate trainer for not much more than the price of much smaller / less powerful units.

Coming from a German brand is a plus for me, and the latest technology used by higher-priced units is in place. The size is important for comfort and stability, and the 3 motors give you a lot of workouts with up to 20 levels of vibration on the main four programmes.

The remote control, fitness bands and quiet motor are welcome additions.

Check out the latest price – along with the close-up pictures – now – on this dedicated page at the official Klarfit amazon.co.uk store!

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