LifePro Sonic Massage Gun Review

LifePro Sonic Massage Gun Review

Summary: LifePro are a solid, reliable brand – and their Sonic Massage Gun is a great example of why choosing a well-known name matters. The massage gun space is filled with no-name brands. Many of them are just collections of capital letters… I mean, would you trust electronics from HYYSIG? (made up example, though not far off!). LifePro produce best-selling vibration plates – and when you see how adaptable their Sonic Massage Gun is, you’ll know you are in safe hands.

This is a category best-seller, and for good reasons. See the feedback from 1000’s of happy users, and see the close-ups of the different accessories, over on this dedicated product page – check it out now!

Detailed Review of the LifePro Sonic Massage Gun

If you are not yet familiar with hand held massage guns, they are amazing. So amazing, I’m surprised they took so long to gain popularity. These days, millions of people around the world use them before or (more usually) after working out. The massage feels great, though the effect on speeding up the repair of your muscles post-exercise is what really counts.

The format looks like a hairdryer. You get different attachments for different muscle groups / effects and gets controlled by a trigger-like button.

LifePro Sonic massage guns are cordless and come with a carry case and five different attachments. There are five levels of intensity for each head, giving you a ton of flexibility. Each gun includes a lithium-ion battery, giving you between 3 and 6 hours of use between charges. A brushless motor ensures you do not get the hum that cheaper models suffer from.

Muscle Group Targets: 5 Different Massage Gun Attachments

You can use this machine simply for the stimulation. I recommend you run through the attachments; these work for specific muscle groups – enhancing the effect when you use them correctly. There is a library of videos and guides which you get access to, this will show you how to get the best from the different attachments.

Here are the attachments:

  • Round: This ball is perfect for reducing general after-workout muscle soreness.
  • Spinal: This one looks like a two-pronged fork. It works perfectly either side of your spine for instant loosening and relief.
  • Bullets: There are two different shaped bullets, they are ideal for really getting into a muscle… working out knots and soothing specific sore areas.
  • Flat: Going direct with a flat attachment gets the stimulation directly to where it is needed, this is a deep tissue massage.

Again, you have 5 levels of stimulation for each attachment, making the Sonic massage gun super-flexible.

Heads for LIifePro Massage Guns

Feedback: What Users of the LifePro Sonic Massage Gun Said?

Here is where the brand name really shows how different things can be with good service and quality control. I challenge anyone to compare the feedback for this gun to those ‘no name’ horrors… it is no contest.

The large amount of comments show that these massage guns are hugely popular. Overall, the feedback is super positive. Some of this is first-time gun users that were shocked by how effective they are. Other comments come from repeat buyers – which is a good sign.

Someone downgraded their review as they did not get a free exercise ball that was promised in exchange for leaving feedback – fair enough! Not too many negatives, and even those there were noted that LifePro look after their customers.

Do check out the feedback for yourself, whichever massage gun you end up with, things can and do change quickly in the world of fitness.

Wrapping Up: Is the LifePro Sonic Massage Gun Right for You?

While there are cheaper massage guns, they come from unknown Chinese-sounding brands without any semblance of customer service (and often no quality control).

With LifePro, you get a hugely popular brand that have been around for years. They are famous for their excellent Vibration plate trainers as well as other home fitness equipment. With the Sonic Massage gun, LifePro have created a quality product. This has a 3–6-hour battery life, carry case, 5 attachments and 5 different intensity levels.

The first time you use a massage gun, you will seriously wonder why you took so long to get one!

Check out the LifePro Sonic for yourself now, over on this dedicated product page.

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