Marcy Pro PM4400 Leverage Home Gym Review

PM440 Marcy Gym

Mark’s Summary: This PM4400 leverage weight bench from Marcy looks amazing – though the real value is in the versatility.

This bench moves away easily and the lever arm is a clever way to replace your barbell. This setup has enough weight for even demanding users. Key to choosing a levered gym unit is safety. You can’t drop the dumbbells or barbell – they will simply return to their starting positions. I like the rack for spare weights, you’ll have a lot less tidying to do after a great workout.

See this impressive setup from multiple angles in the full gallery – and check the latest pricing / deal now – over on this PM4400 product page at the official Marcy amazon UK store.

Marcy Pro PM4400 Leverage Bench - 226kg Load Capacity - Plates not included
A solid setup from the respected Marcy brand, this clever design uses leverage to boost the resistance unlike any other weight bench…. read more

Detailed Review of the Marcy Pro PM 4400 Home Gym with Leverage

You’ll get an impressive looking piece of equipment with the PM4400 – though it is not just the looks that count. The clever leverage system and multi-position bench add some serious versatility. Marcy have years of experience, and it is their direct work with lifters which allows them to come up with amazing setups like this one.

Lets start with the size. Naturally you’ll need to assemble it, once together the footprint is 206cms deep, 133cms across and 189cms at the highest point. You’ll be lifting higher, so make sure you have clearance. This is a heavy setup, weighing in at 72kgs without the free weights. I’d recommend ordering a heavy duty rubber mat or two. It pays to consider the gym floor before you build it.

The max user weight is a huge 158kgs, that is almost 25 stone. Based on the feedback from buyers of this an other pro level Marcy gyms, this is a robust unit that will be around for years to come.

It uses Olympic (2″) weights, which are not supplied.

Marcy Weight Bench with Leverage

Bench: 4 Positions and a Pivot Mechanism

You can lay the PM4400 bench flat, or choose from 3 levels of incline. A clever feature is that a pivot mechanism allows you to move this out of the way. You’ll then be able to use the levered weight stack for squats and other standing lifts.

Safety is the big plus for the Marcy PM4400. You can train alone without worries that you’ll lose the bar or drop a dumbbell (for example). The cantilevered design means that the starting position is the lowest point either can return to. I’m sure most of your would agree that Marcy has built in safety in a lot smarter way than for a regular Smith Machine.

This gym is not just about presses and curls. You can work lats, so squats and shrugs and even tricep pushdowns. See the detailed description on the product page for a full list of that this home gym unit is capable of.

What Previous Buyers Said About the Marcy PM4400 Home Gym?

Marcy weights logoI’m sure you know it, but lifters are a hard bunch to please… this makes the accolades in the feedback from previous buyers even more impressive. You simply don’t see words like ‘Fantastic’ and ‘Super’ that often in this context.

What surprised me is that some people said they were able to go heavier using this machine than free weights. This could be psychological – since the safety is built in, there is less risk in pushing that little bit harder. One comment shares how good it feels not to need a spotter every time.

Overall, I’d say this is about as good as feedback for a home gym unit gets!

Wrap Up: Is the Big Marcy Pro PM4400 Right for You?

This is a big unit, and you’ll need some space to get the most from it. The looks are what first attract attention – though the real benefit is the safety aspect. Having levered bars instead of free weights is just as challenging. The benefit comes from the fact that dropping them will only result in the unit returning to its resting state. You will need separate Olympic weights, and I recommend a tough floor cover.

Check out the close-ups and the latest feedback for yourself on this dedicated product page!



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