Marcy MKM-81010 Home Gym Review

Marcy MKM-81010 Home Gym

Summary: When it comes to all-in-one home gyms, Marcy lead the way. Their MKM-81010 multi-gym sits above the popular HG3000 in the range. It adds weight (90KG / 200lbs) and has a ton of options. These include high and low pulleys, chest press + pec dec, leg curl, and several arm curl options. Marcy are known for quality, and the MKM=81010 is as solid as they come. I like the protective shroud for the weight stack, sealed bearing pullies and massive 2000lb aircraft cables.

You can see the full gallery, and impressive spec, over on this dedicated product page.


Detailed Review of the Marcy MKM-81010 Home Multi-Gym

You’ll get a big unit, weighing in at a hefty 170kgs. Make sure that you have space for 132x99x213cms, you will not be wanting to move this unit too often once assembled. Naturally, assembly will be required. This is a 2-person job ideally, andwill require a few hours. Marcy create robust gyms – making it unlikely you’ll need to use the 3-year frame and 1-year parts warranty.

Key to the design is the vinyl weight stack. This comes into use for all your workouts, via the pully system. This stack is covered, which is unusual for a home gym unit. It can also be locked using a combination lock. This protects both you and any family members who might stray too close! That stack is 90kgs / 200lbs. Some routines use resistance to increase this, though for most of us, that should be more than enough.

The workout features are covered below. Keep in mind that you also get several attachments with this unit. To help get you started there is also a wall chart, which covers the key exercises.

Video: Close-Up of the MKM-81010

This video is created my Marcy, and slowly zooms in on the key features.

What Workouts Are Possible?

The MKM-81010 is designed to cover your whole body. Starting at the bottom, there is a leg curl, as well as a lower pulley. That can be attached to your ankles using one of the attachments. That same lower pulley can be held for lats and some shoulder exercises.

Moving on to the chest, you’ll have a lot of options. There is a multi-function chest press. This can be used for seated rows, or as a pec dec. An arm curl adds more options, and the upper pulley can be used for back as well as triceps.

I do recommend you check the workouts chart on the amazon page. This combines a picture of the MKM-81010 in use with colour coded charts showing which muscle groups are used.

Feedback: What Previous Buyers Said

There were only two reviews on the UK Amazon at the time of this review. I went over the pond to the US site where many more people have bought this unit.

The word ‘solid’ comes up several times. This is common with Marcy gyms; this brand is known for quality / strong build specs. Assembly was mentioned, though not with too many gripes. Instructions were clear. You should keep in mind that several hours will need to be set aside for this.

On the negative side, some (US) users mentioned that the pulleys needed grease / WD40 before they were truly smooth.

A positive note, some bigger users reported that this was a great unit!

Wrapping Up: Which Marcy Home Gym is Best?

The MKM-81010 has a lot going for it. This gym sits between the HG3000 (lighter stack, smaller unit) and the monster HG5000. The 200lb weight stack is a sweet spot that should be more than enough for most users. The lock is a brilliant idea – especially for those with young families that might be tempted to play around with the unit.

You’ll have every major muscle group covered (see that wall chart). The peace of mid you get from Marcy with their solid builds and 3-year warranty are also welcome.

This is a home gym that will last you for years, at a very keen price.

Check out this dedicated product page for more.

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