NordicTrack Commercial 1250 Treadmill Review

NordicTrack 1250 Commercial Treadmill Reviewed

Mark’s Summary: While the first thing that stuck me about the new NordicTrack Commercial 1250 treadmill is the design – it is the new technology that is the real secret-sauce that makes this home treadmill stand out.

Like the other new models in the NordicTrack treadmills range, the 1250 has iFit. This is delivered via a crisp 10” HD screen. It pivots, so you can enjoy floor workouts with personal trainers.

The new tech is called ‘ActivePulse.’ You wear a special SmartBeat heart rate monitor (separate purchase) and the Commercial 1250 will automatically adjust for your optimal heart-rate zone. Use this as part of a training plan – or to keep inside zone 2 for extended periods.

This is a beautiful machine that will look amazing in any home gym.

Check out the impressive picture gallery and find out how the new technology will fast-track your training now – on the 1250 treadmill page at the official NordicTrack UK website.


Detailed Review of the NordicTrack Commercial 1250 Home Treadmill

There are hints of the classic curves on the console of the 1250 – though this model has a fresh design with angled supports and clean, smart lines.

It is a big treadmill at just under 2 meters long, 90cm wide and 164cm high. That leaves plenty of space for a wide 51cm running belt. The Commercial 1250 weighs a hefty 130kgs and NordicTrack recommend a max user weight of 135kgs (a little over 21 stone 3lbs).

You get EasyLift assist with this model. This is super-useful, using hydraulic levers to fold the running track up and let it down again. For anyone without a permanent dedicated spot for their home treadmill – this is a must-have.

Before getting to the performance, a note on the warranty and practicalities. You get a full 2 years for all parts and labour, 10-year warranty for the motor and lifetime for the frame. Registration within 28 days of purchase is a must to initiate your warranty.

NordicTrack will deliver free to a downstairs room. They will set your treadmill up, and / or take it up or down stairs for an extra fee.

Folding up the 1250 treadmill from NordicTrack

Power and Incline for the Commercial 1250 Treadmill

The 19km / hour top speed is plenty for all but the most ardent sprinters.

NordicTrack use their ‘Smart Response’ dive system. This gives an impressive 3CHP in power, without too much noise or vibration.

You get both incline and decline with the Commercial 1250. Control for this is through the HD touchscreen – or even done remotely by your trainer via iFit either in a live training session or a recording. Incline makes a huge difference to both your ‘burn’ and pulse rate. It also varies your sessions considerably.

The belt uses Runners Flex cushioning – the latest in a long line of dynamic cushioning tech used for NordicTrack treadmills. Some other handy extras are dual 2” speakers, a built-in AutoBreeze fan, and even a tray built into the console.

NordicTrack Commercial 1250 Treadmill Review: Pivoting Console and iFit

While NordicTrack has produced treadmills with crisp 10” HD consoles before, this model goes one step further.

It is set up to both tilt and pivot. You can find the optimal angle (no more glare from lights) for running or use it for floor / weights workouts to the side of your treadmill.

You get a free month of iFit with your purchase of a 1250 treadmill. This is long enough to check out the key features, before deciding whether you want to continue with a subscription.

Here is what to expect:

  • Live training sessions with star-PTs, where they control your speed / incline remotely.
  • Vast library of pre-recorded training sessions to suit every fitness level.
  • Google Maps runs around cities, mountains, and beaches around the world.
  • Tracking your progress as you go from couch to speedy runner.
  • Social / Sharing with friends or family – or join an existing group.

iFit is hugely popular – and that month will help to provide motivation to get running.

New Technology: ActivePulse and the NordicTrack 1250 Commercial

ActivePulse takes the heart-rate chest strap tracking that has existed for a while – and integrates this into your training sessions.

Note: You need a Smart Beat heart rate monitor to use this function. These are available separately, and do not come as standard with your 1250 Treadmill.

When linked, ActivePulse feeds your heart rate into the speed and incline of the 1250. You can use this to maintain a steady pulse rate, or to vary the intensity at intervals. Older models gave you the feedback to do this yourself, though closing this feedback loop is a big step in making good use of new technology.

Try iFit with the 1250 Commercial Treadmill

Feedback: What Did Users of the NordicTrack Commercial 1250 Treadmill Say?

This is a brand-new model at the time of my review – so there is no specific feedback to report.

NordicTrack get excellent feedback for their treadmill range from retail outlets around the world. When it comes to iFit, that feedback goes from ‘satisfied’ to blown-away over and over again. Once you get started with the group sessions and libraries of training – it’s hard to go back to just plodding along on your own.

Wrapping Up: Is the NordicTrack Commercial 1250 Treadmill Right for You?

I was just as impressed by the overall spec of the 1250 treadmill as I was with the new design.

Those angles, combined with classic NordicTrack style, make this machine a real stunner. Add the folding mechanism, wide running belt, and pivoting console – and you have a practical, as well as beautifully designed machine.

It’s the technology that makes this commercial treadmill every home users dream. iFit is just the start, with smooth incline / decline, a HD monitor and Bluetooth integration giving plenty of flexibility as new apps or training programmes come out.

For me this is an amazing addition to the lineup of NordicTrack treadmills.

Get more about iFit and see the impressive full picture gallery for yourself now – on this 1250 page at the official NordicTrack UK website.


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