NordicTrack X32i Treadmill Review

Review of the X32i Treadmill from NordicTrack

Summary: NordicTrack commercial treadmill designs have hit new highs with the X32i. This is more than just a big model with their biggest ever 32-inch HD screen. It is packed with the latest impressive NordicTrack tech. You get a giant 40% incline / 6% decline option, 22km / hour top speed and a smooth, silent motor which is the most powerful yet.

As with all commercial fitness equipment, it is the small touches which make all the difference. Bluetooth speakers, state of the art reflex cushioning on the belt, a built-in fan and one-touch digital controls all help make the X32i a beast of a machine.

When you add the iFit options, you will quickly understand the popularity. Interactive training sessions where the trainer controls your speed and resistance is just the start for this hugely popular system.

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Detailed Review of the X32i Commercial Treadmill from NordicTrack

This treadmill looks equally impressive whether the belt is flat or in the incline position. It is a beast of a unit – with a full 55cm x 165cm running belt. It weighs a hefty 155kg, arriving boxes at more than 200kg. The dimensions are 194cm long by 100cm wide and 187cm high.

Great looks come as standard with NordicTrack. The X32i has some subtle differences which make it eye-catching. While your eyes will first be drawn to the giant HD screen (bigger than many TVs!), the curves of the bars that support the console are an elegant touch. The upward facing bars that split from the safety arms also stand out. Those are used for the sled push option.

You’d expect a solid warranty from NordicTrack. With this top of the range model, you get a lifetime warranty for the frame, 10 years for the motor and 2 years of parts and labour for everything else. Don’t forget to register within twenty-eight days of your purchase to kick off the warranty.

Flat View of the X32i Commercial Treadmill

Big Motor and Automatic Incline

The Commercial X32i treadmill uses the biggest, smoothest motor yet from NordicTrack. This is a full 4.25 CHP (horse power equivalent). It uses ‘Smart Response’ tech to keep vibrations and noise to a minimum – ensuring a smooth run.

You get a top speed of 22km / hour (more than enough for 99% of us). The magic comes with the incline / decline option. The running track will pivot to a mind-blowing 40% angle. Note that if you do this while running fast, the belt will slow down to match the effort required.

Up to 5x the calories are burned with this incline – trust me here, you will feel the burn!

There is also a 6% decline option.

X32i Treadmill: Technology and Extras

I have covered the iFit options below. Note that the 32-inch screen can be used with pre-set programmes or connected to your own app if you prefer. NordicTrack have easy one-touch controls for their better models. This makes it easy to manually change the incline or speed as you run.

You get a heart rate strap with your treadmill. There are dual speakers that you can use via Bluetooth from your phone.

Reflex cushioning is the latest impact reduction tech used on the best NordicTrack treadmills. There is also a built-in fan, positioned perfectly at the bottom of the console. You can switch to bar push or sled push mode to switch up your workout too.

X32i iFit on a giant screen

Using iFit with the NordicTrack X32i

iFit looks amazing on the big 32-inch HD screen. This training app has live personal trainers, a huge video library, scenic runs, Google maps (so you can choose your own) and social media functions. It will also keep perfect track of your progress.

What I like best about iFit is that the speed and incline of your unit can be adjusted remotely. This means everyone gets the same speed at the same time – giving you a group workout feel. 1-month of iFit comes free, with a subscription needed after that.

Feedback: What Did Owners of the X32i Treadmills from NordicTrack Say?

People praised the workouts via iFit, while also acknowledging that they were pushed hard. The trainers came in for a lot of individual praise. Only a few bits of feedback from retailers, though the sentiment matches that for other NordicTrack commercial models exactly. ‘Highly Recommended’ comes up frequently.

Is the Commercial X32i Treadmill from NordicTrack Right for You?

You don’t need to own a gym to get the top of the range model from NordicTrack. In fact, the X32i incline treadmill is every home fitness fan’s dream model. The screen will blow your mind – and will get the full benefits of the popular iFit programme. When you add the list of technology and practical features, you will see that the X32i is worth every penny.

Monthly payment options are popular. Whichever payment method you pick, that a month of iFit is worth every penny.

Check out the impressive picture gallery and see details of what iFit can do for you now, over on this dedicated product page!


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