NordicTrack RW850 Rowing Machine

NordicTrack Rowing Machine RW850

Summary: With the NordicTrack RW850 Rowing Machine, your trainer can control the resistance remotely as part of your training sessions. You get a tablet, which lets you row through beautiful scenery. You also get two ways to control the resistance, giving you options to up the intensity level fast. This is an amazing machine, with style to match the high-tech features. It comes with 1 year of iFit Membership, allowing for those scenes, group training and social / group setups.

You can see the latest price point, close-ups of the key tech and how iFit will work with the RW850 over on this dedicated product page – use NordicTrack promo code SAVE3NT to get 3% off at checkout!

Nordic Track Reviews RW850 Rowing Machine

Detailed Review of the RW850 Rowing Machine from NordicTrack

This unit has a space-saving fold away design, it literally doubles back on itself – so that you can wheel it into a corner or cupboard. When ready to row, it is 2.2 meters long – 56cms wide and a little over a meter tall at the top of the console.

At 41kgs this is a more robust machine than most brands provide. NordicTrack suggest 130kgs for the maximum user weight – that is a little over 20 stone.

With a big, solid rail and a clever U-shaped ending, this model is stable as well as comfortable. It has classic good looks. As you will see below, those minimalist black, silver, and white design elements hide a lot of cutting-edge technology.

26 Resistance Levels: Trainer Controlled Digital and AirFlow

Magnetic resistance ensures consistent and predictable outcomes for the rowing action. It also keeps things quiet compared to the other formats (though you won’t get the water / splashing sound effects like you do with Water Rowers).

This type of resistance can be controlled via the console, as part of training programs – or it can be controlled remotely. When you join an iFit class, you can opt to give the trainer control. This means your group will get easy and hard resistance together. As you can imagine, this is a popular option. The one question is raises is how do people that are already fit go one step further?

Here is where the ‘AirFlow’ resistance comes into its own. This is manually controlled via a clever lever that looks like something from a steampunk style machine. You push this forward, adding extra resistance, or pull it back for an easier row.

RW850 iFit View Nordic Track10-Inch Tablet and Training Options for the RW850 Rower

Instead of an integrated HD display, the RW850 comes with a tablet – which is ready to take full advantage of your 1-year of iFit. This is the group / social / scenery training app developed by NordicTrack. It is amazing, combining ‘name’ trainers with a huge library and rowing trips through beautiful scenery from around the world.

You can set up a training schedule, join friends (or strangers) in groups and track your progress through iFit.

The other part of the console works perfectly for your workouts. If you prefer to row without the new-fangled electronic additions, then the RW850 works this way too.

RW850 Rowing Machine: Small Touches Make a BIG Difference

You know you’ll get style, robust rides and the latest tech from NordicTrack – this is exactly how this popular brand built their reputation. What you also get are small touches. Things that you might not have thought of, but make a big difference to your experience.

I’m thinking of things like the dual 2-inch speakers, the ergonomic design of the handles, the quick-adjust pedals and the cushioned seat. Add to this the folding rail and front-mounted transport wheels, and hopefully you have a home rowing machine that you are happy with for life.

Feedback: What Do Owners of the RW850 NordicTrack Rowers Say?

No major assembly problems for this rower – this often gets people upset. Great reviews from all the usual sites for the RW850. Opinions which come up frequently include suggestions that this is a standard by which other rowing machines be judged (which is a big compliment!). Quality and build also get individual mentions.

People who tried iFit with this NordicTrack rowing machine were almost over-enthusiastic. If you ever got bored with your rows, then this could well be the key to rekindling your enthusiasm.

I searched for negatives, though these are scarce. As I always note, it is worth checking the most recent feedback whichever home rowing machine you buy – things can and do change quickly out there.

Wrapping Up: Is the NordicTrack RW850 Rowing Machine Right for You?

For me, this machine is as close to commercial as a home rowing machine needs to be. The ideal buyer would already know they enjoy rowing. They would want to enjoy the classes / scenery, and want a stable, quality machine to do it on.

Importantly, the ideal buyer for this model would see it as a long-term investment – NordicTrack kit will last you for years, even with regular use.

Some of the tech is worth a separate note. You get a tablet as well as a console, two types of resistance, ergonomic touches and (of course) trainer-controlled resistance via your free iFit subscription.

This is an amazing rower – check it out for yourself now on this dedicated product page at

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