Powerspin Evo Arm Review

Evo Fit Powerspin

Summary: This item looks different to just about all items I have reviewed here. The Evo Arm Powerspin machine is a circle with an orange band in the middle. It contains a rapidly spinning ball, which means you’ll have to use your own muscles to resist the shaking. This is effective in toning up arms. It is aimed at those with some excess weight (‘Bingo Wings’ are mentioned), rather than fitness enthusiasts that already lift weights. Feedback is positive, and there are 6 exercises which work in 60 second cycles which come with this machine. You can check out the gallery and see videos of the Powerspin in action on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

Powerspin Evo Arm, Tricep & Shoulder Workout (Grey/Orange)
Rapidly tones or builds muscle depending on the spin speed of the internal steel ball (no battery required)…. more

Detailed Review of the Powerspin Evo Arm Exerciser

You’ll receive 2 items when you purchase a Powerspin. First is a circular machine, with a striking orange grip in the middle. This is surprisingly light, and made of plastic. You will see a ball inside through the transparent casing. The second item is a DVD, which shows the different workouts. This shows you how to get the ball moving from different starting positions.

You will mostly be holding this arm exerciser still. The rapidly rotating ball will shake it from side to side. You will need to tense your arm as the ball goes around, this is what creates the resistance that causes your arms to tone up. There are separate exercises which can help you with shoulders, chest and abs on top of the regular arm workouts. Results are possible from just 6 minutes a day. As I mentioned in the summary above, this is aimed at those starting their fitness journey. If you already have toned and muscled arms, then you probably do not need this item (maybe if you are in this category, this page covering the best home weight benches is for you!).

No assembly is needed, and one of the big advantages is that you can use the Powerspin while sitting on the sofa. In the description it does say that you could use it in the office… I am not so sure that would work where I sit, though the idea is a good one!

Evo Fit Power SpinWhat Previous Buyers Said About the Powerspin Evo Arm Exerciser

Overall the feedback in terms of stars is very positive compared to other types of home fitness equipment. The negative feedback is mostly from people who are already into fitness and found they did not need a Powerspin. The most positive feedback comes from people who are not regular gym-goers.

All ages seem to be able to use this, with one comment mentioning grandchildren and another mentioning an 89 year old mother!

The innovation also comes in for some praise, with several comments pointing out that this is a unique piece of fitness equipment.

Wrap Up + Next Steps

If you are out of shape, and would like to try a new way to get rid of those ‘Bingo Wings’ or tone up in general, then the Powerspin Evo Arms could be just the thing. Again, this is for beginners and those with limited time – rather than fitness fanatics.

This is a lower priced item, and could be the start of a brand new toned body for many people!

Check out the dedicated product page at amazon.co.uk to see the gallery and videos of this item in use.

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