ProForm Carbon T7 Treadmill Review

Detailed Review of the Carbon T7 Treadmill from ProForm

At less than half the price of the top-end machines, the ProForm Carbon T7 treadmill stands out as the value pick in the ProForm line-up.

This is a big, smart treadmill with HD screen and automatic incline. It is only a little shorter than the commercial equivalents and comes with a lot of top-end technology. You can use iFit (free trial of this trainer-led workouts app), it has EasyLift Assist, ISO Flex cushioning and built-in speakers.

ProForm have a strong reputation, and an equally strong warranty for their treadmills.

Even when there is not a sale running (those are frequent), I believe that the Carbon T7 offers incredible value.

See the impressive picture gallery and check the latest pricing now, on the dedicated T7 page at ProForm’s official UK site.

Detailed Review of the Carbon T7 Treadmill from ProForm

Let’s start with the size and mechanics, then move on to the impressive electronics below.

The footprint is 187cm long, 89cm wide and 146cm tall.

It weighs 88kg, and ProForm recommend it for users up to 135kgs (that is 21+ stone). The running belt is 51cm by 140cm.

You’ll save a lot of space with the folding mechanism. This model does not go completely flat like the City L6. Instead, the running desk folds at an angle using ‘EasyLift Assist’ technology with hydraulic levers. You also get rollers to move it around.

The motor is a smooth and quiet 2.75CHP – plenty enough power for the 16km / hour top speed.

I’m a fan of the design. This might not have a ‘wow’ about it, though does look smart and professional (and like all ProForm fitness equipment, built to last).

EasyLift Assist on the Carbon T7

Technology in the Carbon T7 Treadmill

There is a 7” HD monitor included with the T7.

This is a large phone screen size, and plenty enough to use iFit or your choice of running app. When you compare the prices of the T7 with the Pro 2000 (10” screen) and Pro 9000 (22” screen), you will see that screen real estate makes a huge difference to what you’ll spend.

Notable technology includes:

  • One-touch controls for the speed and 10% incline functions.
  • ISO Flex Cushioning on the running surface
  • Built-in fan, and speakers
  • EasyLift Assist for folding / unfolding

Check out the impressive list of tech, and impressive picture gallery now – over at

How Your Free iFit Trial Works

Every buyer gets a free iFit trial for 30 days. This is enough time to give the different functions a shot and see whether you want to continue with a paid subscription.

iFit is a premium training app. The killer function is that trainers can control the speed and incline on your treadmill remotely. You join a group class for these scheduled sessions. Other options include a big video library of training sessions, Google-Maps assisted runs and stats / tracking to monitor your fitness level. If you have friends using iFit, you can form groups and interact – or you can make new ‘running buddies’ though the app.

HD Screen T7 Treadmills from ProForm

Feedback on the T7 Carbon Treadmill from ProForm

As is usually the case with the newest models, there is not a whole lot of feedback from different retailers to give you just yet.

ProForm get strong ratings over their entire range – and I have no reason to suspect that the T7 will be any different.

If you are looking for some early peace of mind, the warranty is impressive. You get a full 2 years for parts and labour, 5 years for parts for the motor and the frame is guaranteed for life.

I will return to this page when valuable user comments start to appear.

Wrapping Up: Is the ProForm Carbon T7 Treadmill Any Good?

ProForm recently refreshed their entire treadmill range – and the Carbon T7 hits that mid-budget sweet spot brilliantly.

At around half the price of the top end models (at the time of writing), you get 85% of the spec – including an impressive list of technology. This includes a HD monitor, incline and ISO Flex cushioning.

When you add iFit – this treadmill goes from great value to impressive.

Check out the impressive picture gallery for yourself (along with the latest price) now, over at


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