NordicTrack C700 Treadmill Review

NordicTrack C700 Treadmill Review


Major News! NordicTrack treadmills are getting better – both the tech and smooth, quiet mechanism.

The C700 has been replaced with an updated range.

I rate the new EXP7i as the closest match, though the HD screen, iFit trial and patented cushioning are much better than the original.

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Summary: The C700 treadmill from NordicTrack is packed with technology. This model is less than half the price of the commercial models – it has everything the home gym user could wish for. This includes a 20km/hour top speed, 10% incline, impressive console and build – plus 1 month trial subscription to the iFit interactive fitness program.

Add cooling technology and a Bluetooth connection, and you will see why this is among the best-selling models from the impressive NordicTrack catalogue.

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Detailed Review of the NordicTrack C700 Treadmill

This is a big home treadmill – especially compared with the new ‘knock-offs’ flooding in from China these days. It weighs more then 90kgs, is 186.7cms by 90.2cms by 153.4cms – and has a wide 20 inch running surface.

Everything about this treadmill is solid. The console, safety arms and even the safety cover at the front are built to last. Under the hood is a 2.75 CHP motor. This might seem like overkill for a home treadmill. What is provides is the quietest action you will find – along with a smooth, predictable speed. This engine has self-cooling tech too.

What surprises many users is that this treadmill folds. There are hydraulic arms underneath – which help you fold it upright. This is much easier than you might expect. It is still a big machine, though the footprint is significantly reduced by folding.

Console View C700 TreadmillIncline and Settings

The NordicTrack C700 Treadmill has automatic incline. For many cheaper models, you get manual incline. That would involve stopping your workout, adjusting, then restarting. The C700 lets you tilt the front of the running surface by up to 10%. If you are an experienced treadmill runner, you will already know that this makes a huge difference to the intensity of your workout.

This model can be used for walking, jogging or running flat-out. There are preset programs, such as interval training and an intense cardio workout.

Console and iFit Membership

iFit is the interactive training system from NordicTrack. It is amazing – taking your workouts to a brand new level with social features, scenic runs and coaching / training all involves. You get 1 year single-user membership with this treadmill. If you enjoy the experience, you can keep going for a low monthly fee.

I will not go into too much detail for this review as iFit is covered elsewhere in depth. While the console has separate LED screens with one-touch easy to use controls, you need your own phone or tablet to get the best from iFit.

Feedback: What Did Buyers of the C700 Treadmill from Nordic Track Report?

A lot of positive feedback on this model from several outlets. Themes which appeared throughout the comments were ‘robust’ and ‘amazing’. The size and weight came in for multiple mentions. There really is no comparison between this treadmill and the rattly knockoffs (you know, the ones with the tiny models running on them!).

Some people had problems with delivery. At least one person had their entire life ruined by a 2-day delay (and will probably never mentally recover). One other person was furious that they thought they had to use iFit, only to find out that the C700 works fine without it.

Joking about ‘humans’ aside, the feedback for this model is super-positive overall – with the majority of people happy with the size / weight of this machine.

Wrapping Up: Is the C700 Treadmill from NordicTrack Right for You?

This is the perfect choice if you want a solid, reliable home treadmill which works with interactive training. It is not quite as big as the commercial models and incline trainers from Nordic Track – aimed squarely at the ‘quality home’ segment of the market.

As well as a big, quiet and comfortable treadmill, you get some good tech. iFit really works for keeping your training going. The easy-fold, one-touch controls and auto-incline are the icing on the cake.

Check out the close-ups and information on how the iFit system works for yourself now, over on this dedicated page at


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