Branx Fitness StartRun Treadmill

Branx Fitness StartRun Treadmill Review

Branx Fitness have packed their StartRun treadmill full of technology – most of it coming from their commercial models.

What I like here is the spec vs price is definitely in your favour. You get a 16.5km / hour treadmill, with auto-incline, cushioned suspension, and a fold-away mechanism. All this comes in at around half the price of even the cheapest commercial treadmill model. Branx seal the deal for me by having all the key safety and quality certifications, including ISO9001.

This carbon steel model is already a smash hit.

Check out the impressive full picture gallery, along with the pricing options now – over at the official Branx Fitness store at!

Detailed Review of the Branx Fitness Limited Edition Foldable StartRun Treadmill

For a mid-budget model, you get a big frame. Remember that the StartRun will fold away – saving space between runs. It is 157cms long, 71cms wide and 125cms tall. While noticeably smaller than the treadmills you find in your local gym, this model is bigger than the budget end of the market.

The folding mechanism is designed with a ‘SoftDrop’ system. This is like ‘EasyLift’ assist used on more expensive NordicTrack treadmills. It lets you safely and easily fold and unfold the treadmill.

Branx Fitness recommend a max user weight of 125kgs, with the treadmill itself weighing 52kgs.

With a maximum speed of 16.5km / hour – this model has plenty enough for all but the most hardened sprinter.

Console View Branx StartRun

Impressive Features List for a Mid-Budget Home Treadmill

Automatic incline usually comes with a far higher price tag. The StartRun from Branx has 16 levels of incline, which are controlled via the console. This makes runs more varied and more challenging. It is perfect for interval training or just to keep your regular runs from being the same.

A cushioned running surface is vital. This stops your joints getting jarred, making your run comfortable and safe. Again, Branx Fitness has ‘borrowed’ tech from their higher-priced commercial models to use with the StartRun. You get an 8-point running deck absorption system. This adapts to the way you run, for example between slower sessions and sprints.

Smaller (though important) touches include an anti-skid surface on the belt, a built-in fan, plus wheels to move your treadmill around.

StartRun Treadmills from Branx Fitness: Console / Electronics

You get a big console, with a 5.5-inch LCD display with the StartRun. Branx has combined this with big, clear buttons on the lower part of the wide console. They are in easy reach and adjust your run with a single touch. With Bluetooth added, and (small) built-in speakers you can always link to your own phone instead.

Incline and speed can be adjusted via the buttons. There are 12 built in programs to work through. A heart-rate monitor is built in.

Feedback: What are Users of the Branx Fitness StartRun Treadmills Saying?

All positive so far for the Branx StartRun. Separately from the treadmill units, customer service and support got specific credits. There are few fitness equipment brands that actively advise their customers on the best models for them. Branx are UK based.

Back to the treadmill and the cushioned running surface praise from multiple people. One commentor mentioned that it was robust enough for multiple family members. The only small negative was that the built-in speakers are not too powerful. Assembly was easy – and you always get grumbles if not, so this is a big positive.

While there is not as much feedback for this limited-edition model as for some of the more expensive Branx treadmills, this brand does get great scores overall.

Folded Up View Branx StartRun

Wrapping Up: Is the Branx Fitness StartRun Home Treadmill any Good?

You get a fantastic spec with the latest treadmill technology for around half the price of many commercial treadmill models with the StartRun.

Better still, it comes from a popular UK brand that are highly regarded for their service and support.

Incline, combined with an 8-point cushioning system make this unit versatile and comfortable. The folding mechanism, wheels and fan keep it practical. With a 16.5km / hour top speed and those 16 incline levels, this model has plenty enough power too.

I’m sold on this one – I predict it goes from ‘Limited Edition’ to a regular part of the Branx Fitness treadmills range soon!

Check out those impressive close-ups and latest pricing now – over at the official store of Branx Fitness.


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