Buy Cheap Replacement Pads for Slendertone Toning Belts

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Ab toning belts have always been popular, and are proven to tighten up your ab muscles (though the outward effect of this will vary – see this article for more details). One key factor with ab toning belts is that you need to replace the pads now and again. These replacement pads for Slendertone are just what you need for this.

This page explains why and shows you where to find cheap replacement pads for Slendertone toning products.

Of course, other types of ab toning belt also needs replacement pads. I do not want to fill up Fitness Review with individual guides for all of the different manufacturers – so I will recommend readers check out this page for the real-deal.

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Replacing Pads on Your Ab Toning Belt

The role of these pads is to distribute the electrical charges through very thin wires to the surface of your skin. This keeps the charge evenly distributed – mimicking the type of charge which naturally occurs in your nervous system. It is this charge which causes your muscles to contract, and the pulsing of the charge the way that these belts succeed in toning up your abdominals.

Now, over time the wires become bent and flattened and no longer conduct the charge to your skin as well. At this point you’ll need replacements. This is where many people are in for a shock, the replacement pads can often end up costing around half of what you paid for the belt in the first place!

Where to Find Cheaper Replacement Pads for your Abs Belt?

I recommend you head over to for replacement pads. These come with a huge discount from RRP (this does change over time, though typically 20% to 30% off). If you order 2 packs together, or order with other items, you can usually get over the amount needed for free postage and packing too.

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How Often to Replace Pads?

Every 2 months of moderate use and every month for heavy use should be plenty enough replacements. If you feel that the effect on your ab muscles has become less, then you might want to replace sooner than that.

Remember, a toning belt alone with tighten those ab muscles – though to really notice the effects you need to combine the belt sessions with fat burning and a suitable diet… after all, there is no point having a washboard stomach which is hidden by a layer of fat!

You’ll be surprised how effective the latest models of ab toning belt can be, check out the different reviews below and see which of them suits you the best: