Homcom Vibration Plate Machine Review

Detailed Review of the Homcom Vibration Plate Trainer

Mark’s Summary: The Homcom Slim Vibration plate trainer caught my eye for two reasons. First, it comes from an ‘all-rounder’ brand with a decent reputation for quality at budget prices. As well as vibration plates their treadmills and rowers get great feedback.

This vibration trainer has a solid spec for the price. This includes a 99-speed engine, ABS build (the same material that hard-shell suitcases are made of) and a remote control. It is smaller than many rival plates – though at 54cm wide is big enough for comfortable use.

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Homcom does it again – a solid vibration plate trainer with remote and resistance bands at a rock bottom price. I liked the…

Detailed Review of the Mini Vibration Plate Trainer from Homcom

The distinctive look of this vibration trainer comes from the use of ABS in the build. There is a metal frame, with rubberised plastic on top to help with grip. A beige, cream and black colour scheme gives this unit a unique look.

Weighing in at just 9kgs, the Homcom vibration plate is light enough to be portable. It is also small enough to be easily stored between workouts.

Here are the dimensions:

  • 54cm wide
  • 33cm deep
  • 14cm tall

The top features grips for your feet, offering plenty of support for when you turn the engine up.

You get resistance bands along with your unit – so there are no excuses not to work out your upper body too.

Remote Control Homcom Vibration

99 Level Engine with Remote Control

For anyone new to vibration plate trainers, I always advise starting at the lower end of the scale vibration-wise. You’ll be (pleasantly) surprised how effective these units are for working those muscles – and will almost certainly be sore if you go to high too soon.

This budget vibration trainer from Homcom features 99 levels. That is plenty enough to start on easy mode – and then work your way up as your tone and fitness improve.

There is simple display with buttons on the unit. You’ll find the remote useful – as this lets you boost (or reduce) the vibrations while holding a pose. As a bonus there is an MP3 player port for your music.

Will the Homcom Slim Vibration Plate Give You the Benefits of Pro-Level Models?

You’ll certainly be able to burn calories while you tone up with this Homcom unit. It is designed to be a starter machine. While not the type of device you’ll find in hospitals (for rehab) or commercial gyms, there is no reason it can’t boost your blood flow, nervous system and help with weight loss (alongside other lifestyle factors).

With most of the benefits for a low price – this is a great compromise.

Feedback: What Do Owners of the Homcom Vibration Plate Trainer Say?

Decent, though not glowing feedback from buyers of this vibration trainer – which fits with the price / spec perfectly.

Most buyers felt they had value from their purchase. ‘For the price,’ was a common phrase. Surprisingly, multiple comments at Amazon mention their ailments and how it helped! Negatives did include some broken components. My experience with other Homcom products shows that they are quick to replace these.

As always, the cheaper end of fitness products always get mixed reviews. When you balance this against the pricing for this vibration trainer, it still looks to be great value.

Spec Homcom Budget Vibration Plate


Wrapping Up: Is the Homcom Vibration Player Trainer Right for You?

I rate this as a solid choice for anyone looking to get started with a vibration plate that does not want to commit the big bucks for a pro-level model.

Homcom are a popular no-frills brand, and this vibration trainer ticks all the boxes at a price you simply won’t find elsewhere. Keep those expectations modest, this is far from a commercial level plate. At the same time, you do get 99 resistance levels, a remote, resistance bands and a well-designed portable unit.

Once again, don’t go too hard too soon (vibration plates are surprisingly effective!).

Check out the close-ups of this impressive unit and get the latest price now – over on this dedicated product page at the official Homcom Amazon store!


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