Reebok Unisex Jet 200 Treadmill Review

Reebok Jet 200 Treadmill Review

Summary: I’ll admit I’m already a fan of Reebok kit (my personal home treadmill is one of theirs!). That said, the Reebok Jet 200 Treadmill is an impressive addition to their range. This comes with 15 levels of auto-incline, a state of the art console and a big, solid frame. Innovations include an adaptive air cushioning system, which tracks your foot strikes for max comfort. This model also folds. Add in a big running surface, and 18km / hour top speed and you have a professional piece of kit!

You can check out the impressive close-up pictures, and even a video explainer, on this dedicated product page.

Reebok Jet 200 Series Bluetooth Treadmill - Black
Combines a big 18 km / hour top speed with incline – a versatile treadmill from this trusted brand…. more

Detailed Review of the Reebok Unisex Jet 200 Treadmill

You’ll get a big machine, many previous buyers commented that this model is one to be left in place once you set it up. It is 181cm by 78cm by 139cm and weighs in at a sturdy 78kgs. The styling is distinctive. You will see the bigger bottom section at the front compares well to cheaper treadmills. This contains the motor, and the auto-incline mechanism. There are 15 levels of incline. If you already use a treadmill, you’ll know how big a difference these make. You can make a run more challenging at the touch of a button and keep things from being dull too!

Cushioned Running Surface

There are 3 treadmills in the ‘Jet’ series. They all share innovative technology which will make your run more comfortable. There are moving air channels under the big running surface. These adapt to your foot strikes (position and how heavily you tread). Air pods under the belt are then positioned perfectly for you. Reebok claim that this will reduce joint impacts. Again, the difference between the Jet models and cheaper ‘harder’ treadmill surfaces will be obvious as soon as you run.

Console View of the Reebok Jet 200 Treadmill

Reebok Jet 200 Console

I have to say that the console looks complex! There are some extra components compared to regular consoles, with an oval light at the top to track your progress through any of the 24 workouts which are included. Below this are regular number displays. These will show calories burned, distance, speed and duration. You can control the incline directly from the console (no need to stop and change anything manually). You can also measure your pulse rate by gripping the sensors on the handlebars.

This treadmill is MP3 compatible, and even has integrated fans. As with most treadmills, there is a safety stop. This works with a plastic key, which you attach to your running gear with a clip.

Jet 200 Treadmills from Reebok: Small Touches Make a Big Difference

While the jet air cushioning system and incline are the main features, there are plenty more small touches which make this model note-worthy.

You get drink holders, and soft grip handlebars too. This treadmill also folds into a semi-upright position when not in use. There are even built-in speakers.

Jet 200 Running Machine folded view

What Previous Buyers Said About the Reebok Jet 200 Treadmill

All the feedback at the time of writing this review has been positive. A couple of the reviews mentioned the size and sturdiness of this model. This was in the context of not wanting to move it around. With all ‘gym size’ models, space is a factor. This one folds (see the picture gallery for a shot of it folded), which is a big help.

Assembly was easy, with one reviewer recommending 2 people (though saying it would be possible with just 1). The delivery and service from Reebok also came in for some individual praise.

I’ll add here that if these treadmills are anything like my own Reebok machine, they should last for years!

Summing Up: Is the Reebok Jet 200 The Right Treadmill for You?

As a replacement for their Z8 range, Reebok have packed the Jet 200 with tech, and put it together with a big, sturdy machine. The 18km / hour top speed is more than enough for the keenest runners, and incline (15 levels) makes this even more versatile.

While many treadmills have cushioned running surfaces, this is the only model I know of where this adapts to you. Add in the electronics and those small touches, and you have a treadmill which should last you for many years.

Check out the full gallery, and read the latest feedback from buyers, on this dedicated product page.

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