Squat Magic Review

Squat Magic Machine Review

Summary: If you have already seen a Squat Magic review on late night TV, you’ll already have a good idea of how it can help you. If not, this page covers the build, exercises and that all-important feedback from people who have already got one. This is a compact device, which supports you while you perform squats. That extra support gives you a lot of flexibility – allowing you to work 5 different muscle groups. Unlike most fitness equipment, the Squat Magic is small and easy to store away between sessions.

You can see the close-ups in the gallery, any current discounts – and a chart showing the 16 different exercises, on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

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Detailed Review of the Squat Magic from New Image

You might be surprised to know that this machine only weighs 3.4kg. It is 68cm tall, and around 30cms across. To me it resembles a giant piston, with bright orange bands around it. Those bands provide the resistance – and help with the ‘spring’ that helps you out on the way back up. Squat Magic leans slightly, giving you a more natural position for your squats.

There are 3 different resistance levels. If you have not squatted for some time, then I recommend starting off light. You’ll feel it the next day if you jump right to the top resistance level!

Makers New Image talk about a patent application for ‘Squat Assistive Technology’. While that sounds fancy, I’m a bit sceptical myself. The wording sounds more like a ‘science bit’ of a shampoo advert than anything that might really help!

What Muscle Groups Does Squat Magic Help With?

With so many exercises, you’ll find a lot of muscle groups get a workout. Squats are associated with lower-body, and the effect on your glutes are a big selling point. You will also find benefits for your core muscles. A strong core will pay off in many different ways. Not only helping you with fitness, and strength – I’m including knock-on effects on your posture here.

Depending on which groups of exercise you choose, you can lift your bum, and have defined muscles on your calves and thighs.

Free DVD

To help you get the most from your Squat Magic machine, you’ll get a DVD which takes you through the different workouts. These can be seen in chart-form, with suitably muscled models, on the dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

Does the Squat Magic Work? What Buyers Said

When you check the overall rating for Squat Magic, this comes to a respectable 4-stars at amazon.co.uk. That is above average for fitness equipment like this in my experience. Digging a little deeper, there are a lot of 5-star reviews – and a fair number of 1 and 2 stars too.

It feels like some people were expecting a bigger machine. Never mind that at under 4kgs (shipping weight!), this device can’t compete with commercial  fitness equipment. A handful of people did have issues with their devices, including a couple of broken straps. My understanding is that New Image replace any broken machines.

The positive reviews are often glowing… completely contrasting with those disgruntled buyers. Many people reported being happy with the range of exercises. Some even viewed the lightweight build as an advantage. After all, with a lot of fitness equipment, even setting it up can be a pain. The Squat Magic comes fully assembled and ready to go.

Summary: Squat Magic Review – Get a Toned, Lifted Bum – and More!

If a toned bum that no longer sags is not enough for you, then imagine a strong core, and toned calves and thighs on top!

Squat Magic is portable, easy to use – and will allow you to do a lot of squat variations which would not otherwise have been possible. With 3 resistance levels, you can start gently. When you see results, you can up the resistance and take your toning to a new level.

Most buyers loved their machine, and many of them have seen fast results.

Check out their feedback and see the full picture gallery and workout charts for yourself now over on the dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

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