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One of the best things about fitness is that it never stands still. Every week there is news of new fitness products, events, innovations and more. This page does more than just reproduce press releases. Here you will find those stories which are relevant to home fitness for real people – not just the usual celebrity news and gossip.

If you want to keep ahead of the curve on the latest fitness equipment and technology – then make sure you come back to this page regularly.

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News and Views on Fitness, Equipment and Technology

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If there is one thing I am sure we can all agree on, it is that the pace of change in the world of fitness is increasing. Compared to a few years ago, the apps, monitors, social elements and entertainment options for fitness fans are an order of magnitude better. The equipment available has also stepped up, both in design and capability. Cheaper manufacturing in the far-east has helped bring down prices – and has also forced the brands to up their game!

This page will keep up to date with the latest trends in fitness equipment, technology, food, fashion and so much more. Bookmark it now, there are several new posts going up each week to keep you on the pulse when it comes to fitness!

Other Key Areas of Fitness Review:

Fitness Equipment: This is the main page for reviews and guides to the different types of fitness equipment available – with a focus on home use. Here you will find pages covering the most popular types of machines, plus guides covering how to get started choosing the right activities for your goals.

Weight Training: For those building muscle, or just wanting to enjoy the fitness aspect of strength training, the choices of equipment are huge. This section of the site provides guides to choosing multi-gyms, Smith machines, free weights and accessories.

Fitness Gadgets and Apps: Here is where you will find the low down on the latest trackers, watches, gadgets and apps. There are reviews of individual items, plus overviews of the different categories to help you choose what is right for your budget and goals.

Fitness Guides: This area of the site is for those who would like to find out about the different types of fitness activities available. There are guides to group and solo type activities, as well as how to use the different types of fitness equipment to best effect.

Buyers Guides: A different angle with this area. Here you can become a savvy buyer, by finding out how to choose the right machine (or accessory) for your needs and then how to get the very best deal on your choice.

Food and Diet: Information on the different types of food and how they affect your fitness goals is in this section of the site. You will not find hype and ‘wonder diets’, instead practical info and the choices available are covered.

There are many articles going up each week, both here in the Fitness News section and all around the site – make sure that you bookmark Fitness Review today.